Root Canal Place and Michael J. Binns DDS are the first office approved and trained to offer Gentlewave technology in the Atlanta and North Georgia area. This is part of our ongoing commitment to providing an exceptional dental service experience to all patients and referring offices through continued training, improved technology and a genuine concern for patient welfare.

What is GentleWave and why use it for root canals?

GentleWave technology offers a superior way to clean the tooth canal system. Follow the video link to see how GentleWave works.

During root canal treatment both mechanical (filing) and chemical (irrigation) methods are used to clean out diseased, infected (pulp) tissue from the canal space in order to save the superstructure of the tooth. The GentleWave irrigation procedure requires less tooth removal because of its acoustically activated, high volume degassed chemical solutions, resulting in a stronger tooth and cleaner canal system.

Over the past 40 years there have been many studies showing other irrigation methods to be 95-97% effective in cleansing the root canal system and saving teeth. Other research will be needed to compare long term success rates of GentleWave with other irrigation methods in root canal therapy. However it is thought that the improved cleansing observed with GentleWave should further reduce the chances of tooth loss, endodontic retreatment or surgery.

GentleWave is available in our Marietta office. We are located on Cherokee Street near Kennestone Hospital. Please refer to the map on the Contact Us page.