Root Canal Place Patient Reviews & Testimonials

2015 Root Canal Place Patient Reviews

“Dr. Binns, Terri, & April, Thank you all so much for your help with my recent root canal. Your professionalism, kindness and generous spirit made it a painless and easy experience for me. I appreciate everyone’s efforts and look forward to seeing you again in November for my six month follow up and x-ray. Until then, I hope you have a terrific summer and fall. Thanks again!”
- Michael O. (05-20-15)

“Dr. Binns and Staff, I wanted to thank you for your kindness and generosity in dealing with the problem with my root canal redo. Your professionalism was above anything that could be matched and the courteous manner I was shown by you and your staff is very much appreciated. You have a special employee (which I’m sure you know) in April. She was very kind and helpful and your assistant, Terri, was very nice also. Thanks again for everything!”
- Alice S. (04-13-15)

2013 Root Canal Place Patient Reviews

“Dr. Binns & April, Thank you for so much for jobs well done! Great care and caring.”
- Maxine M. (09-08-13)

“Your office was very comfortable and soothing. Dr. Binns gave very clear communications that I understood. The procedure was over before I knew it with no pain! Thank you for making a scary, stressful and painful situation as comfortable as possible. I really appreciate it.”
- Stephanie M. (08-21-13)

“Dr. Binns, I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for everything you did for me. It makes me hopeful that there are so many kind and good people. Hopefully one day I will be able to pay it forward to someone in need. I'm letting all my friends know that they should go to you if they want the best possible root canal care! Thank you for everything!”
- Jeanette C. (08-01-13)

“The Root Canal Place is a great place for a very difficult and painful procedure. Thank you for a painless day!! I will tell everyone!”
- Janie G. (07-29-13)

“I appreciated the 10 percent discount for cash patients. Dr. Binns was outstanding.”
- Chastaine K. (01-28-13)

“Dr. Binns, Thank you very much for being so patient with me, answering my questions, etc. You and your staff are wonderful! I never needed any pain meds.”
- Janet T. (01-11-13)

“Dr. Binns, I was very pleased with my experience in your office. Thank you!”
- Mary H. (01-01-13)

2012 Root Canal Place Patient Reviews

“Dr. Binns, Your office is wonderful! Thank you for the excellent care!”
- P. Smith (12-19-12)

“I was totally pleased with everything!”
- Bernice W. (11-15-12)

“Dr. Binns, Thank you for being patient and explaining the procedure very well.”
- LaRita C. (11-11-12)

2011 Root Canal Place Patient Reviews

“I came yesterday at 7:30am. Thank you so much. I feel great, no more pain. I was very impressed with Dr. Binns and his assistant. It was a great experience. I really appreciate Dr. Binns' patience and competence. I did not feel a thing. The office looks great. I will recommend the Root Canal Place to all my friends. See you in February!”
- Patrick M. (08-10-11)

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the extraordinary care and treatment I received from Dr. Binns and his assistant. I was just sitting here eating a handful of almonds, which I used to only eat on one side of my mouth because it just hurt too badly on my abscessed molar. It occurred to me that, even without thinking about it, I was just chomping away without a care in the word! That's a wonderful feeling I haven't had in a year or two! I never thought the day would come that I would be pain-free. Elke, you were tremendously helpful in preparing me for the procedure, and making it possible for me to get in right away. Dr. Binns, you put my mind at ease about the whole procedure, and took special care to ease my worries about the whole thing. Your work is outstanding, and I am truly grateful. Thank you both for an outstanding job! ”
- Julie K. (09-20-11)

2010 Root Canal Place Patient Reviews

“Thank you so much for helping me get relief on my tooth. It was such a pleasant experience. I will continue to recommend you! Thank you for serving our family in this way.”
- Kathy S. (12-07-10)

“Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you “Thank you” for restoring my tooth. I appreciate your skilled experience and kindness. You use the two words “Thank you” often while helping your patients, which means, you use them often when you are out in the world and at home. You are a very thankful person and I am thankful to have you as my dentist. Hopefully I won't have to have another root canal, but I do or if my husband needs one; we will have comfort in knowing we will receive the best care.”
- Jan B. (09-22-10)

2009 Root Canal Place Patient Reviews

“Dr. Binns, I wanted to thank you for helping my tooth feel better. You were right it is ligament damage and my bite was slightly off. It feels so much better.”
- Karen H. (03-09-09)

“Dr. Binns, Just a quick note to say thanks for the work you did on my tooth. I would recommend you to others in a flash. You and your staff were very nice, friendly, and helpful.”
- Barbara D. (01-29-09)

“Dr. Binns and Staff, Thanks for the great work on my root canal... you made what I perceived as a difficult ordeal into a simple and “almost” painless procedure. I will recommend you to all my friends and associates.”
- Jeff F. (12-07-09)

2008 Root Canal Place Patient Reviews

“Dear Dr. Binns, Just a note to say that my visit to your office last Monday was one of very few successful and positive dental experiences! In fact, I've been rather amazed that even a few hours after the procedure I still was having no pain! Thank you so much for the professional treatment and careful attention to my “fears.””
- Beverly M. (02-15-08)

“Dear Mike and Staff, Wow!! That is the only word I could think of. What a pleasant experience my root canal was. I was very apprehensive about the treatment and was expecting major discomfort, but that just did not happen. I deeply appreciate your care, skill, and judgment and the way in which you put me at ease. I can truthfully say I did not experience any pain through this procedure. The staff was great and even though I never want to have to do another root canal, I know I don't have to loose any sleep about the pain. Thank you again, you all are the best!”
- Dr. Jim (08-01-08)

“I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to see me last week regarding my pain in the jaw and possible root canal. You diagnosed me correctly! After filing down my tooth, I am now pain free!! Thank you for saving me from both a crown and root canal. I couldn't be more thrilled. Wishing you continued success in your practice. You have my highest recommendations.”
- Diane M. (08-12-08)

“Dr. Binns, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the extra care and patience you had with me during my root canal. I really appreciate you coming in on your day off. I will always recommend you to others!”
- Jamie J. (11-05-08)

2007 Root Canal Place Patient Reviews

“Dear Dr. Binns, I have enclosed a gift certificate to one of the Buckhead Life restaurants. I really appreciated the wonderful job you did on my recent root canal. The way you keep your patients completely informed about the process is the thing, I think, I like the best. Also, the fact that I was never in pain certainly helped! I hope you are having a safe and peaceful summer. Again thank you so much for your excellent work and your kindness in doing it.”
- Jo R. (07-30-07)

2005 Root Canal Place Patient Reviews

“Dear Dr. Binns, I felt compelled to write a letter thanking you and your staff for the outstanding service that I received in your office last week. I walked in extremely apprehensive due to a past experience with a highly painful and exceptionally difficult root canal. From my initial telephone contact to walking out the door having experiencing no discomfort, I was handled in a very professional manner by a caring and sympathetic support staff and dentist who is a consummate professional. Your fees were quite reasonable and the service exceeded my expectations. Thank you again for the competence and kindness shown to me and converting my anxiety into a “non event” procedure. Please feel free to share this letters with anyone needing reassurance before undergoing a root canal.”
- Bill C. (09-19-05)



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