Oral Sedation Dentistry at Root Canal Place

We understand many people have anxiety about dental work due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is part of a generalized anxiety about doctors and healthcare services. More often it is related to a negative dental experience in the past. Past dental pain and associated treatments can hard wire our brains to avoid these types of experiences and create a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) response that follows a person throughout their life. This underscores the importance of finding a doctor who understands your individual circumstances and can work with you. Our mission is to provide an exceptional dental service experience for you in a safe, relaxed environment without anxiety or discomfort.

Please call and schedule an appointment to meet Dr. Binns and our staff so we can learn more about your concerns and answer any questions you may have about sedation dental care in our office.

We look forward to meeting you!

Patient reviews

“Dear Dr. Binns, Just a note to say that my visit to your office last Monday was one of very few successful and positive dental experiences! In fact, I've been rather amazed that even a few hours after the procedure I still was having no pain! Thank you so much for the professional treatment and careful attention to my “fears”.”
- Beverly M.

“Dear Dr. Binns, I felt compelled to write a letter thanking you and your staff for the outstanding service that I received in your office last week. I walked in extremely apprehensive due to a past experience with a highly painful and exceptionally difficult root canal. From my initial telephone contact to walking out the door having experienced no discomfort, I was handled in a very professional manner by a caring and sympathetic support staff and dentist who is a consummate professional. Your fees were quite reasonable, and the service exceeded my expectations. Thank you again for the competence and kindness shown to me and converting my anxiety into a “nonevent” procedure. Please feel free to share this letter with anyone needing reassurance before undergoing a root canal.”
- Bill C.

“Your office was very comfortable and soothing. Dr. Binns gave very clear communications that I understood. The procedure was over before I knew it with no pain! Thank you for making a scary, stressful and painful situation as comfortable as possible. I really appreciate it.!”
- Stephanie M.

“Dear Mike and Staff, Wow!! That is the only word I could think of. What a pleasant experience my root canal was. I was very apprehensive about the treatment and was expecting major discomfort, but that just did not happen. I deeply appreciate your care, skill, and judgment and the way in which you put me at ease. I can truthfully say I did not experience any pain through this procedure. The staff was great and even though I never want to have to do another root canal, I know I don't have to loose any sleep about the pain. Thank you again, you all are the best!”
- Dr. Jim